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Andrew Katz Bio

Andrew Katz is an entrepreneur and Harvard graduate who enjoys his time off with friends but spends most of his time building his business. He founded Seaquake, which provides infrastructure for the digital asset market. They hope to fulfill the dream of creating a complete crypto ecosystem through the leadership and direction of Founder and CEO Andrew Katz.

The company also provides market-making, mining data, and consulting services to crypto projects and exchanges. It has built a trading and data processing engine that drives a healthy trading landscape and provides them with multiple business lines.

These include quantitative models, data collection and processing, liquidity provision, and low latency trade execution, which is used to facilitate their market-making strategies. The data is lifted, formatted, and posted to an easily accessible dashboard, provided individually to each project or even to individual investors within the projects.

Andrew Katz leveraged his experience to launch his own business in 2016. Following Seaquake's launch, Katz's innovative, outside-the-box thinking and business skills led to rapid growth and positive steps toward his ultimate goal for the business, launching a native crypto platform.

Early Career

Before starting his own company, Andrew Katz began his career as an equity analyst at UBS. In just over a year, he became an Equity Trader at LeGarde Capital Management, where he served in the New York office. He thrived in NY and enjoyed living and working in one of the world's financial epicenters.

Then Katz made a strategic move to Zooz Capital Management, where he spent more than two years honing his trading and market analysis skills as a Senior Analyst. Katz led the firm's portfolio-building efforts utilizing FX and derivative-based volatility expansion trading models.

A Mogul in the Making

At EFG Bank, Andrew Katz developed trading initiatives for futures, FX, and stocks. He maintained risk positions and managed daily electronic trading activity and holdings, allowing him to analyze potential investment opportunities successfully.

During his tenure at Smoking Gun, Andrew Katz developed end-to-end solutions for startups. His duties included raising capital, consulting with business clients, and providing go-to-market support. Katz shows this financial acumen by building forecasts with highly accurate market risk and data analysis. By analyzing operations and developing marketing materials for clients, he mastered the deal-flow lifecycle, a critical skill for his later success as an entrepreneur.

Starting Seaquake

Andrew Katz founded Seaquake with Dylan Knight in 2016 and serves as its CEO. Seaquake provides infrastructure to the Digital Asset Market through development, consultancy and our core technology stack which is connected to all aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Seaquake is a team of financial, business, and tech professionals, such as ex-PayPal alum Matthew Krueger, dedicated to providing stable digital assets using advanced technologies. Katz notes that fragmented infrastructures and inefficiencies currently keep the digital market from achieving dominance in the financial sector.

Katz has built a notable company to achieve goals developed in his early career. He also enjoys providing an overwhelmingly positive workplace with team members committed to solving problems that can power the entire industry forward. Katz has always paid extreme attention to detail, often allowing him to see trends and opportunities others miss.

The team at Seaquake has built a team of highly qualified individuals with extraordinary communication skills. Katz attributes his ability to keep all the wheels in motion to his organizational ability. While routines are important, he encourages his people to think outside the box.

Work takes up a good deal of his time, but he also enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and hanging out with his french bulldogs. Katz would like Seaquake to become a complete crypto ecosystem in the future.


Andrew Katz received his education at highly respected institutions, such as the following:

Harvard University. Katz completed his Masters of Finance.

University of Colorado-Boulder. Katz earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics.


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